Intermodal Cargo Services Services
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Intermodal Cargo Services (ICS) owns and operates 4 terminals and container yards throughout the southeast. We provide Intermodal Import / Export containerized trucking in each of these ideal locations: From the ports of Savannah, GA; and Charleston, SC .... and from the railroads of Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC.
48 State Authority

Intermodal Cargo Services, along with its partner companies, provides nationwide coverage of your freight needs to anywhere in the United States. 
​Short and Long Hauls
Intermodal Cargo Services works closely with independent truckers, port authorities and railroads to insure that your shipments get to your destinations on time every
Utilizing the Latest Technology
ICS embraces modern technology to make life easier for our trained staff as well as for you the customer. Eliminating errors, our state-of-the-art tracking system allows us to monitor your freight from start to finish. 
Billing Accuracy
Intermodal Cargo Services believes in delivering complete service to our customers. That means our services extend beyond your shipment deliveries. Through our state-of-the-art system, we strive to provide you with accurate billing. No more hassles after your freight delivers! 
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